Sunday, October 10, 2010

A broken record: MIA AGAIN! Here's another BIG post to jumpstart me back to bloggin'

Well, I actually haven't been MIA quite exactly. I am just THAT busy it seems. Ok, maybe it's a little of being busy, a little of hangin out with the fam (which is super important...right?!) and then just putting effort into some other areas. Sound familiar? I wish I could do it all, all the time but I can't. That's ok! We do what we need to at the moment. Even then I think back to the topic I was given to speak at church on my birthday. The topic was about slowing down and doing the important things. I have to remind myself of this a lot it seems. Not that I don't value what is most important but I think I secretly love being so busy. Sure, I am sure it is a way of not really facing other things in my life at times but mostly I feel good being busy and helping etc. Is that bad?

Maybe (sometimes I do and sometimes I don't remember to) I will post some pictures to go along with this more or less outline of what we have been up to since September.

1) I turned the big 40!! I can't believe that! I still act so immature, right? Even you don't think I could really be THAT old, right?! P.S Friend fixed me breakfast and we went out to dinner as a family. Oh and I got a cool hat that I love from everyone!
2) Was awarded a scholarship to attend Start Up Princess Conference. It is a business that a woman founded to help other women entrepreneur's network, get ideas, be inspired etc. It was FABULOUS!! I am starting my birth business up again and this was a great way to start off. My new birth business is" Natural Momma 4 U.
3) On the 20th of Sept, I finally ran a whole 5K without stopping! I did this in Illinois but since we have changed altitude, it gave me some trouble until now. Finally I kicked it's but and don't have any problems! YAY!
4)Started running with Burgandy from Biggest Loser Season 10! She lives here and she started a running group that meets at 5:30 am! I can't believe I of all people am getting up that early! WOOT! T goes M-W-F and I go T-Th. It is fun. I also go to the church to do aerobics on the other days. Still NO more weight loss. I am going to find a doctor to help me figure out what is going on. It isn't going to stop me though. It's helping my insides regardless and sooo much fun!
5) Created my birth business blog, facebook and StartUp Princess and my dh convinced me to start a twitter account. I am hooked now. I love what Twitter can do for your business etc!!
6) FINALLY arrived at a breakthough! I finally can make bread! WOOT! Go me!! I have borrowed a friends wheat grinder and that has been so nice to make my own flour etc. Seriously, this was a MAJOR breakthrough!! My bread used to be bricks....seriously! ;-)
7) I have also been getting some good deals on produce etc and I have preserved alot of them.
8) K and J finished up homeschool soccer. They had a lot of fun!!
9) Watched about half of the talks for last General Conference before this one.
10) Went to go see another FREE concert sponsored by CJane Run aka Courtney. It was SUPER fun! I finally got to meet her. She is just as fun in RL as she is on her blog. LOVE LOVE her!
11) Speaking of Courtney (CJane). I went to go see Stephanie Nielson aka Nie Nie at BYU. I had heard her story many times but it also amazes me and helps me so much. She TOO is AMAZING!!! Must run in the family!!
12)Getting into a real groove with homeschooling. Really trying to start with our devotional etc and then get down so we can play, go on field trips etc. LOVE THAT!!
13) Ran another race. This time I ran an ALL WOMEN 6K race. It was alot of fun. I only stopped for a minute of it all. I am ADDICTED what can I say. I got to run this one for free because T volunteered. I love that we have BOTH gotten into this. It helps us physically and emotionally. It has also brought us together more too. It's fun enjoying things TOGETHER!

Ok, I probably missed A TON! That was just the jist of what I could remember and looking back at my Facebook status updates since Sept! LOL Ya, I am THAT nerdy!

Hope I can start off blogging again, even if it is just little things here and there. I want to include more pictures etc too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Concert On The Rooftop

We have TOTALLY enjoyed ourselves with all the fun things to do around here in Utah. Tonight was no different. After taking 2 of the 4 kids to their soccer practice, we rushed over to Provo for a FUN and FREE concert. We originally were just going to go on a date together but we have been overusing our babysitters for lots of things. We decided it wouldn't be bad to just pack up the kids, some chairs, lots of blankets and of course some snacks. Even though the kiddies whined a bit about the cold, they had alot of fun. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of CJaneRun. She is the one who sponsored Mindy Gledhill's concert that we went to. Tonight we enjoyed another concert sponsored by her as well.Benton Paul along with Nik Day on the top of a parking garage. Ooo and for more of your listening pleasure, this ROCK STAR sang while we were waiting for Benton. Her name is Jenn Blosil. Can I just say AMAZINGLY talented woman!Click HERE to hear,to listen and be OOOO'ed and AHHH'ed by her Jenn Blossil's pipes!

SUPER FUN I tell you! I can't wait for the next Rooftop Concert on Oct. 1. Click HERE to here what you will be enjoying if you come! If you are in Utah, you should TOTALLY be here. It oughta be SUPER fun too! I love just enjoying time together as a family and making memories! LOVE IT!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To School Feast: September 6, 2010

We had a wonderful time planning and doing our First Annual Back To School Feast. Our theme this year was: With God All Things Are Possible.

We went up and had our feast at my parents home. It was nice to share the event with them as well.

We asked the kids what they wanted in their feast. They chose roast beef, carrots, potatoes, green bean casserole and chocolate cake. We had come up with a Theme Song here:

We played that, read this article from Elder Nelson titled, "With God All Things Are Possible",sang "Choose the Right" (an LDS Primary Song) and then T and my father gave Priesthood Blessings to all of us. After that we of course enjoyed the chocolate cake.

All in all, we had a WONDERFUL time. It is our goal to incorporate this theme in our FHE's and other opportunities throughout this year. I made a scrapbook that we can use to journal events or thoughts throughout the year where we saw this theme come true in our lives.

I would HIGHLY recommend doing this for your family!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Angel Challenge via The Bishop's Wife

Yup, I am the woman of challenges. I struggle like most women to really feel 100% comfy in my skin and to know that I am perfectly me. No need to change anything. Ok, just a few minor character flaws and alittle too much fluff around the middle (and top and bottom). LOL Really, I think I have alot of good things about myself. I have achieved some great things. Back to the challenge, I find myself somewhat addicted to looking for things to be challenged by.
So, last week it was all about smiles. Technically, I was supposed to do that for 20 whole days. In the first few days some things happened that really challenged me to fight the urge to be GRUMPY GIRL! I still managed to smile more but on the other hand I was frustrated too. I didn't give up on the challenge, I like to stick it out and do the best I can. So, I am still going to try and choose to smile more this week but more importantly, I want to make others smile this week! I also am joining (mentioned in earlier post) joining Big Boy Running (aka hubby) and getting back on the running wagon again. He is training for the April 2011 Ragnar and I am going to train with him. That challenge starts tomorrow too.

What made me think of this today was reading a dear friends blog. I was really touched though tonight by said friends post aka The Bishop's Wife about looking for angels in our lives this week. We are all blessed by Angels all the time. Please join us and look for ways you were touched by an angel this week or even reflect, ponder and write again about experiences where you have been blessed by Angels. The Lord watches over us by his angels.

"When we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day. Some of them reside in our own neighborhoods. Some of them gave birth to us, and in my case, one of them consented to marry me. Indeed heaven never seems closer than when we see the love of God manifested in the kindness and devotion of people so good and so pure that angelic is the only word that comes to mind." - Jeffrey R Holland

So, who are YOUR angels?

Big Boy Running

If you know the Reeds, we seem to dream up these ideas in our head. Both T and I have always in our hearts thought outside the box, we like to dream, we like to think about the possibilities.
Around March of last year I started back running. In short, many people around me were running races etc. In High School I ran Cross Country and I LOVED it! I have always loved fitness and exercise. I may not look like it but I do. With T's support I started running. I walked my first 5K because I was nervous about coming in last. (Silly me, I know). Then I started running. Soon enough, I built up to what I affectionately called "wogging" 3 miles. We moved to Utah and I couldn't wog as well in the altitude. I did however run a 5K and did alright. With the business of the move and frustration, I stopped being so driven to do it. I thought after so much time, I would be better at this. I was holding myself to a rediculous standard. All the while, T started jogging too. It started getting frustrating (yet excited for him) to watch him not be effected by the altitude. I was feeling alittle down about my efforts to run.
A couple of weeks ago a good friend invited me to race with her. Clearly she is thinner and in better shape. I was just going to walk the 5K because I hadn't run in several weeks. She pushed me (and I am glad) and I ran it. I didn't run the whole time but I ran longer than I have straight since I have been in Utah. I quickly gained more confidence back. I just have allowed myself to get too busy to get right back on it.

Now we come to the title of this post. T was asked by some good friends of ours to run on their team for the Ragnar Relay next year. He agreed. He has decided to take this whole journey to facebook, twitter and his very own Big Boy Running blog. He is wanting to take his journey and his passion and make it into something. We are always dreaming up things. Every once in awhile we take something and really try and run with it and we'll see where it takes us. This time, it's T. I am joining his training with him not only for support but it would be great to do this journey together.

Please add T to your blog rolls, follow him on twitter, like his BBR facebook page, blog about him or ask him to guest blog. Help T and his big dreams for Big Boy Running.

Click Here for Big Boy Running Blog
Click Here for Big Boy Facebook Page
Click Here to follow Big Boy Running on Twitter

Soon we will have Big Boy Running Blog Buttons for you to add to your blogs and much more!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

20 Days of Smiles

You know me and what a whacko I am. Always doing and thinking up something. That's just how I roll.

I was having an off day today. My hubby even asked, "What did I do wrong?" Oy! I was just feeling stressed. When I am in these moods, I realize I have really 2 choices. Choice #1 is to give in and have myself a good ole fashioned full blown pity party. One that involves weeping, whaling and knashing of teeth, some tissues and a pillow to scream into. Ok, so I have never really done that but maybe that would be a bit theraputic really. LOL Choice #2 is to just move on. To realize life HAS it's up and downs. To just ROLL with it.

I didn't have a full blown pity party but I got a few things off my mind.

Then in true me fashion, I went to "Let's Be Optimistic" land. Much better place for me to be really. I am all about honoring the moment. Being frustrated, hurt, sad or whatever. Let's face it folks, if we stay there it really doesn't help.

So............ I thought I would challenge myself. I think that I am a pretty happy go lucky person. I have my moments but I really try to look to my blessings and realize it's not as bad as it may seem. Here is my challenge to you though. I want you to join in my challenge with me. So are you ready for it?

20 Day Smile Challenge.

Here are the rules:

1. Smile when you want to frown.
2. Smile when you want to scream.
3. Smile at a complete stranger.
4. Smile at your loved ones, family etc for at least 20 seconds
5. Invite others to your Smile Challenge.

Yes it is cheesy, this I know. For I am the QUEEN of CHEESE!! Regardless of if you follow all the rules, it doesn't matter. Those are just a few things I thought of. The point is just to smile more, to see how it can effect you and those around you.

I like this too. Do something every day that will make someone smile.

It's easy. Pick someone, or wait and you'll see someone practically screaming to be picked for a "Be Nice To Me Project". Now, what nice thing can you do for that someone? They'll give you clues if you just pay attention. We have these opportunities every day. Usually it's something that requires very little effort on our part.

Again, whatever you do, just SMILE more!

Back To School Feast 2010 rescheduled to next week

We decided to do the Back to School Feast with my parents. We are waiting until next weekend. Slightly relieved anyway so I can get more prepared! :-) Stay Tuned. Hopefully this week I will do a Summer Wrap Up Part II post and get all the pictures up from our summer fun. Hope all is well! Have a SUPER week.

Up for a challenge? See my next post!